Friday, 19 July 2013

Rainbow Branches

This design was inspired by Robin Moses. She originally did a design with blended colours on the tip of her nails, and painted tree branches and birds on top. I've always wanted to do art with a ROYGBIV colour palette, and thought this design would be perfect! Here are the polishes I used for the rainbow colours.

This is the -before- look. I roughly blended the colours with a dotting tool, the same way I did the needle marble design on a previous post. The pictures are a bit smaller than usual cause they were taken with Beefy, my iPhone 4; I must've forgotten to take photos with Ryan, my Nikon camera.

I painted branches and love birds with a black polish above the blended colours, then applied top coat. Here is the -after- look! Robin Moses is a great inspiration and I adore her artwork incredibly!


  1. This is amazing. I follow Robin Moses as well and this is an outstanding polish interpretation of some of her work. I see the Robin touches in it, but I think this look is uniquely yours. The rainbow blends so effortlessly and the black detailing is outstanding.

    Plus you did both hands. So. Like. Fantastic. ^^

    Please do more! I've see spectacular stuff on this site of yours! I crave more!

    1. Wow thank you so much!! That's such an encouraging compliment, I really appreciate it!

      I've been trying not to neglect this blog, but unfortunately being in university has made it easy to. Nevertheless, the semester is almost over!

      Also, I have an instagram where I post frequently, so if you want to see more:

      Thank you again!!! =)