Friday, 5 July 2013

I turned 20!!!

Holy smokes, I feel like I'm growing up so fast! My 20th birthday was on March 1st, so yes, this photo is 3 months old..
But anywaaaaay... I wanted to do a design that highlighted my teenage years, since I painted this on my last day of being a teenager. I wanted to be more creative than doing pretty sparkly birthday nails, so since I love reflecting back to old memories, I thought, why not paint them? 

Unfortunately, it's not as easy to understand without a description: 
  • Index represents high school with the lockers in a hallway. 
  • Middle represents school dances and banquets with the dj booth, balloons and dance floor. 
  • Ring represents recess! My friends and I took plenty of pictures of our shoes during recess, haha
  • Pinky represents sleepovers with all the pillows.

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