Sunday, 1 September 2013


Aside from painting my nails, I also love taking pictures. If I could, I wouldn't mind being a photographer. I am absolutely in love with scenery; I could spend hours staring out my window and watching the clouds move.
I was walking home one day, and the view (much better in person) took my breath away. Painting scenery on my nails is something I've done before, and I've posted those pictures on my Instagram: one for a scenery contest and one inspired by the film, The Notebook. I had to do the obvious with these photos and paint them.

My nails make me cringe in this photo.. CRUSTY CUTICLES! But I wanted to show this photo regardless so you could see how I painted (polish) on paper then to my nails. I tried my best to illustrate the two photos above, and I will admit, the colours were quite tricky!

Here's the final look! I decided to add a kite after listening to Jess Penner's song, A Little Bit Crazy.. because she mentions a kite on a horizon in the song. Why not!

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